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Chapter 241 exotic mountain
Lin Yuan recorded on the Star Website and was preparing to question Tune in if there were any needs for those energy offense-kind/canidae types fey. In any event, Lin Yuan will need about 1 hour to increase any varieties of fey to Bronze/Epic from the Heart Secure spatial sector.
Outstanding Competency:
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[Pea gravel Nature Acceptance]: The Original Source Yellow sand can take in a kind of fey or dimensional lifeform. The usage is going to be dependant on the lifeform’s strength and also genetic unit complexness. (Cla.s.s 4 Alien Bug, Cardiovascular-Breaking through Ironline, energy is equivalent to Platinum III/Faultless feys).
Hence, Lin Yuan observed down this favor.
The Origin Sand’s next outstanding expertise, Metal Consume Manifestation, didn’t really use up divine power. At the same time, the primary exclusive competency, Beach sand Handle, additional reduced the low spiritual energy consumption.
Having said that, the wings made using the feather development weren’t good enough. The latest wings and feathers were a rough model.
Therefore, Lin Yuan was providing to Pay attention an opportunity to possess a appropriate Bronze/Legendary fey using the Self-discipline Rune.
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If Take note needed to market to get a Bronze/Legendary fey, then it needs to be for someone who possessed just comprehended a Motivation Rune.
As a mindset qi professional, only those for the S-rank would be able to take a position in the middle of-air and journey all over the heavens. Even so, Lin Yuan was still a C-get ranking mindset qi skilled but already had the cabability to fly.
As soon as the four wings fluttered, Lin Yuan’s feet started to drift up and into the middle of-fresh air. Since he is at mid-surroundings, Lin Yuan made an effort to brandish the black-feathered wings.
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Lin Yuan’s wings have been shaped by feathers that had been built of the Day and Night time Soul Silver. When Lin Yuan’s divine potential was administered in to the wings, the Day and Night Mindset Silver got a divide minute of alternation in metallic characteristics.
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The pitch-black colored wings earlier presented off a unexplainable and black sensing. Considering that the wings were whitened, they gifted off an unspeakable brightness and persistence.
[Fey High quality]: Imagination (1/5)
Although it was a deal between Lin Yuan and Listen closely, the latter didn’t need to provide you with the Almost all the time Mindset Sterling silver as well as two provider-type things to Lin Yuan ahead of time.
Lin Yuan investigated the cause Sand’s unique proficiency and sensed that it was definitely your best option to get this amber b.u.t.ton-like source-form lifeform.
If Lin Yuan hoped to further improve the wings’ energy, he would have to carve a design on each feather. This may give to them shock absorption and then make the edges sharper likewise. After, the cause Yellow sand will need to enter into hibernation for the period of time much like ahead of. It could then commit to memory the metal features specified by Lin Yuan and input them to the Steel Ingest Manifestation.
When the four wings fluttered, Lin Yuan’s thighs did start to drift up and running and into middle of the-fresh air. Ever since he is in middle of the-air, Lin Yuan attempt to brandish the black-feathered wings.
The pitch-dark wings earlier presented off a strange and darkish sensation. Considering that the wings have been bright white, they brought off an unspeakable brightness and willpower.
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Lin Yuan investigated his present status and involuntarily required a deep gasp. As soon as, Lin Yuan handled the 4 wings that had been created while using Day and Night Soul Silver feathers.
Lin Yuan commanded the absolutely pure bright wings to extend forward and retract track of a considered, totally defending Lin Yuan since they developed the firmest safety.
[Fey Level]: Gold bullion (1/10)
Lin Yuan commanded the 100 % pure white colored wings to increase forward and collapse on top of a idea, totally safeguarding Lin Yuan when they produced the firmest defense.
The minute the Night and day Soul Gold contacted with faith based electrical power, it enabled the four wings to own extreme ductility. The wings extended and flattened up, generating a go across to guard Lin Yuan in.
Because Pay attention obtained given him convenience, then Lin Yuan thinking he can also returning the convenience to Pay attention.
Given that Listen acquired granted him ease, then Lin Yuan imagined he may also returning the convenience to Take note.
If Lin Yuan wanted to improve the wings’ sturdiness, he will need to carve a pattern on each feather. This may provide them with shock reduction making the sides sharper at the same time. After, the origin Sand will have to enter into hibernation to get a time similar to ahead of. It may well then commit to memory the metallic qualities given by Lin Yuan and feedback them into your Steel Take in Manifestation.
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When Lin Yuan decided to take advantage of the Day and Night Heart Sterling silver to make the black color wings, one of the elements was while he planned to enhance his protective potential. In contrast, mainly because of the Almost all the time Spirit Sterling silver becoming a light steel, the oxygen currents made if the wings fluttered were sufficient for Lin Yuan to adopt flight.
Lin Yuan nodded quietly. The dark feathers formed by the Day and Nighttime Character Sterling silver might not be able to break Platinum feys’ defense. On the other hand, Yellow gold security-style feys wouldn’t be able to endure it. This became the injury that the dark-colored feathers could offer.
The dark feathers were actually golf shot at Lin Yuan’s specified targeted. The Night and day Character Metallic feathers dropped in the Provider Sand’s discolored beach sand. They instantly vanished and fused into your yellowish sand. Consequently, the feathers that fused in to the yellow-colored beach sand were definitely reproduced, generating the perfect spiral.
[Fey Type]: Supply
That was Lin Yuan’s most powerful shield now.
Hence, Lin Yuan was supplying to Take note a chance to have a very harmonious Bronze/Epic fey with the Self-discipline Rune.
Lin Yuan’s wings had been shaped by feathers which had been made for the day and Evening Character Sterling silver. When Lin Yuan’s faith based power was administered into your wings, the Day and Night Mindset Silver experienced a divide second of difference in metal features.
As a heart qi professional, solely those in the S-ranking would be able to stand up in middle of the-fresh air and take a trip across the heavens. Even so, Lin Yuan was still a C-get ranked character qi professional but already had the power to travel.
[Fey Varieties]: Elemental/Sand
As soon as the four wings fluttered, Lin Yuan’s thighs begun to drift off the ground and into mid-atmosphere. Ever since he was in middle of the-oxygen, Lin Yuan attempt to brandish the dark-colored-feathered wings.
For the next period of time, Lin Yuan didn’t have to greatly enhance his feys’ marks. He obtained other things to concentrate on, and once anything was done, he could project out for coaching. He arranged to return about the eve on the Brilliance Hundred Sequence’s options.
If Tune in desired to business for a Bronze/Epic fey, then it ought to be for anyone who acquired just comprehended a Self-discipline Rune.

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